What to do when Children have a Nose Bleed

  • Remain Calm
  • Sit the child in upright position and pinch the soft portion of the nose with the thumb and index finger for 10 minutes (time this with a clock)
  • Do not swallow the blood. Instead spit the blood in the mouth into a bowl. Blood in the stomach makes the individual sick and may make him vomit
  • Do not strain, carry heavy things or blow the nose (sniffing is all right)
  • Ice packs on the cheeks or forehead may be helpful.
  • This should stop most of the nose bleed in children.
  • If the nose bleed in children is frequent or in large amount, bring the child to see and ENT doctor.

What to do after the Child’s Nose Bleed has stopped

  • Avoid blowing the nose forcefully, sneezing or coughing
  • Nasal Saline Spray or lubricating gel may be helpful in promoting healing

When to bring a Child with Nose Bleed to an ENT Doctor?

  • If the child has frequent nose bleeds
  • If the child has a large amount of bleeding
  • If there are symptoms of other Nose problem such as allergic rhinitis and  sinus infection

What to expect at the ENT doctor?

  • The ENT Doctor will examine the child. He may also do a nasal scope to determine the source of the bleeding.
  • If the blood vessels are visible and the child co-operative, the ENT doctor can cauterize the blood vessels with a chemical called silver nitrate or with electrical current.

Contact our clinic if you have Nose Bleeds for Treatment.