Nose Bleed in children is of very common problems. They then to occur between the ages of  2 to 10. Nose bleeds in infants is unusual and should be evaluated by an otolaryngologist (ENT Doctor). Most nose bleeds occur in children occur infrequently, some children can have recurrent nose bleed. While often the nose bleeds are not serious, it can causes significant anxiety to both the parent, child and teachers. Most nose bleeds do not have an easily identifiable cause. The known causes of nose bleed in children are listed below.

Causes of Nose Bleed in Children

  • Trauma : A blow or a knock to the nose from the outside can cause a nose bleed. Nose picking which is trauma from inside can also cause nose bleed.
  • Prolonged exposure to dry air especially in cold climates ca result in nose bleeds
  • Allergic Rhinitis or Sensitive Nose or more commonly referred to as ‘Sinus’. This cause the lining to be fragile and easily traumatized resulting in nose bleeds
  • Nasal & Sinus Infection causes inflammation of the lining of the nose which predispose it to nose bleeds
  • Foreign Body in the Nose. Children especially the younger ones have a habit of putting objects such as peas, tissue paper and beads in the nose. This cause trauma as well as infection which result in nose bleeds.
  • Vigorous Nose Blowing. The shearing effect causes the wall of the fragile blood vessels to break resulting in nose bleed
  • Deviated Nasal Septum. The narrowed nasal passage causes turbulence in the airflow which dries up local area in the nose resulting in it being more prone to nose bleed.
  • After Nose / Nasal Surgery. Nose bleed can result from the trauma of the procedure.

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