The nose is the main gateway to the respiratory system. It also allows us to have the sense of smell and plays a large part in your ability to taste. The 2 holes guarding the entrance of the nose are called nostrils. The nostrils and the nasal passages are separated by a wall called the septum. The back end of the nose, is the post nasal space. In children, the adenoids are prominent in this position and can significantly the air flow.

Young babies and small children are obligate nose breathers. Any obstruction of the nasal passage be it from structural abnormalities, swelling within the nose, or mucus from rhinitis or infection can severely affect the child’s ability to breath. Any obstruction to the air passage will affect the breathing and cause the child to breathe through the mouth. Prolonged mouth breathing, will result in the overgrowth of the jaw. This creates a flat middle third of the face which is sometimes referred to as ‘adenoids facies’ – the enlargement of the adenoids being one of the more common cause.

It is therefore important that an accurate assessment to determine the reason for the disruption to breathing.

Nose Problems that can affect children:

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