Most infections clear up without treatment and children feel better in a few days.

In persistent cases, see an ENT doctor. The ENT Doctor will examine the ear and may clean the child’s ear

The children may benefit from antibiotics (if there is a bacterial infection). This will be in the form of eardrops for outer ear infection to oral antibiotics for middle ear infection. Most courses last five to ten days, and many children feel better in the first day or two. Your child must keep taking the antibiotics until they are all finished, as bacteria may still be present.

In many cases antibiotics are not required. Ask your doctor if they are necessary.

In addition, the child will need the following symptomatic treatment for the ear infection:

  • Drink sufficient fluids (water), frequently and in small amounts (‘sips’), especially if they have a fever.
  • Give pain relief medication if your child is in pain, for example paracetamol (such as Panadol or ibuprofen.
  • Raise the head of the bed or cot to help drain fluid in the Eustachian .
  • Give your child plenty of rest, with quiet activities at home.
  • Your child can pass on any virus that may have caused the ear infection, so keep them away from childcare or school until they are better.

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