Most ear infections improve quickly over a few days and there are no further problems.

In some cases, pus in the middle ear will break through the eardrum and leak from the ear. If this happens, your child will feel better as the build-up of pressure has gone. The eardrum usually heals by itself.

Your child should not swim or put their head under water until the eardrum has healed.

In some children, ear infections can lead to a build-up of thick sticky fluid (known as glue ear). There is often little or no pain with this, but your child may find it difficult to hear because sound does not travel well through fluid. Glue ear will often improve by itself, but may take some weeks to do so.

Hearing loss affects about one in three primary school aged children and can lead to learning difficulties and speech problems. Small children may appear like they are not paying attention or being naughty. If you notice your child has decreased hearing or has frequent ear infections consult an ENT doctor for an assessment.

Drainage of the ear and inserting of  ear tubes (called grommets) will relieve the problem.

If you suspect that you may have Ear Problems, make an appointment with our clinic today for an assessment.