Grommets or Ear Tubes are inserted into the eardrum in the event of

  • Persistent Otitis Media
  • Recurrent Middle Ear Infection or Otitis Media
  • Persistent negative pressure in the middle ear affecting hearing
  • Retracted Ear Drum from Middle Ear Problem

The procedure can be performed under Local Anaesthesia in the clinic or under General Anaesthesia in the operating theatre in children. The procedure called a myringotomy takes about 5 minustes. A small incision is made in the ear drum, the fluid is extracted from the middle ear and the grommet is inserted.

Grommet Tube – Ear Tube

There ar a variety of ear tubes and they stay in usually upwards of 6 months. The grommets extrude spontaneously and there is no need for removal.

Ear plugs should be used when swimming.

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