Food allergies can be mild, like eczema, to life threatening allergic reactions. To decrease the chances of developing a food allergy, it is recommended that babies are breast fed for four to six months. If this is not possible, then use a hypoallergenic milk formula.

For weaning, use single-ingredient infant foods and introduce one at a time. This allows the caregiver or parent to identify problem food.

Certain foods that are known to cause allergies such as cow’s milk, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts are best avoided till the child is one year old.

Maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation is not effective in minimising the child’s development of allergies.

If you suspect that you may have allergies, make an appointment with our clinic today for an assessment. We can assess your conditions, and then recommend the best way to prevent food allergies in Children.

Feel free to enquire about Food Allergies, and how you can prevent or treat them. Dr. Pang is based in Singapore, treating all kinds of Food Allergies in Children and Adults.