There are various Skin  Tests for allergies.

Skin Prick Test

A small drop of allergens is introduced onto the skin usually in the forearm or back (in infants). A sharp plastic stillet is used to introduce a small amount of the allergen into the skin. No blood is drawn with this techique and is suitable in adults and children. The test can be read in 2 minutes.

Patch Test

This is used to determine contact type allergy. The suspected contact allergen is introduced onto the skin and an adhesive is placed over this and left for 48 hours. The result is read at that time.

Food Allergy Test (Intradermal Allergy Test)

Food allergy can be immediate or delayed. Immediate Allergy is easy to diagnose as it manifest within minutes to hours of food ingestion. Delayed allergy may take up to days before it manifest. Hence one may not link a particular food to the symptoms that the individual exhibits.

Intradermal Food Test is used to determine delayed food allergy. A small amount of the suspected food is introduced into the skin and its reaction is observed.

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