The development of allergies is influenced by genes and the environment.

If one parent has allergies, the risk to their child is 25%. If both parents have allergies, the risk is 50%.

Environment and diet plays a significant part in allergy development. The prevalence of allergies has risen over the centuries with industrialisation. Look around us, more children you know of today has allergies compared to our parents’ and grandparents’ time.

Food and exposure to pollutants, dust mites, pets’ dander (the dry skin and saliva that remains on the pet after it licks itself) and pollens can trigger allergy. It has been shown that people living near major highways has a higher occurrence of allergies compared to those living several streets away from the highway suggesting fossil fuel pollution has an influence. Similarly the same has been observed with cigarette smoke.

It is important to try and identify the source of the allergy. A skin or blood test can help us identify the source of the allergy.

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